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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

We're on the eve of a brand new decade, which serves as an opportunity to reflect. Where will these next ten years take us? While some might choose to focus only on the negative, Chris and I are more than optimistic. We see on the horizon an unprecedented age of enlightenment, where exponential advances in technology, medicine, and self-awareness will bring us deeper knowledge about how to thrive on this planet we all share. Our whole reason for starting Mindhive was to unite people with ideas to help them change for the better. It only seems appropriate, then, that we share with you some of the books that have changed us for the better.

While finding new and exciting topics to read about this year, keep in mind that how you read is just as important as what you read. I myself am trying to get away from the habit of reading books once and being satisfied with a superficial understanding of their subject matter. Whether you choose to read one of the books on this list, or you have some already on your shelf that you've been meaning to get to, I encourage you to take your time with each read. Take notes, re-read chapters, learn more about the author and their influences. Go deep with your reading this year, because with the right book, there are always new insights to be found.

(Disclaimer: all of the links to these books are affiliate links, and we will receive a portion of the revenue from them, should you choose to follow them and make a purchase).

1. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Coelho’s ability to weave riveting stories is unmatched. This is the greatest and most well known of his many books, and for good reason. The Alchemist is an adventurous, uplifting tale about discovering one’s meaning in life, and following that destiny to the ends of the Earth. This is the kind of book that needs to be read several times to peel back the layers of wisdom hidden in each page. The lessons to learn from this book are seemingly endless, and the story will provide more than a few moments of goosebumps.

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2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck - Mark Manson

This one is probably the most trendy on the list, and honestly, the hype is warranted. Manson’s refreshing style counters my own gripes with the self-help industry. Manson doesn’t fill your head full of lies and positive affirmations. Instead, he asks that readers take a hard look in the mirror, and address their values head-on. Manson makes this process more bearable through hilarious personal anecdotes. This is easy to digest wisdom for anyone in need of a little tough love.

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3. Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi is perhaps one of the most compelling tales about what it takes to live a life devoted to love. Paramahansa Yogananda was born in Gorakhpur, India, and felt the call to lead a spiritual life at an early age. The book documents his journey as he encounters mystics, gurus and saints, along the way discovering the secrets to human consciousness. I recommend this book to anyone interested in metaphysics and Eastern philosophy.

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4. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance - Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth provides a new perspective on the formula for success in her book Grit. She argues that grit is the element that separates those who persist to achieve their goals, and those who can’t maintain the motivation to push through setbacks. Duckworth cites years of her own research to support her claims, as well as the findings of contemporaries like Malcolm Gladwell. If you’re interested in peak performance backed by relevant and easy-to-understand research, look no further.

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5. The Way of Zen - Alan Watts

This is the best book I never want to read again, but might do it anyways. Alan Watts holds a special place in my heart for his ability to accurately translate complex philosophical ideas into our rather crude and misrepresentative English language. Watts explains the historical evolution of Zen as well as its main tenets. What I really love about this book is Alan’s thoroughness in his dissection of the fundamental differences in Eastern and Western schools of thought, which I believe makes this book all the more accessible. Ultimately, The Way of Zen radically changed my understanding of reality and what it means to be human, even if I wasn’t quite ready for it.

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6. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind- Vishen Lakhiani

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is an extremely powerful book that teaches its readers to challenge society’s “BS” rules and provides simple techniques backed by research to bend reality. This is not your typical “Self-Help” book, it is more so a blueprint to help escape the perceived realities of an ordinary life.The Code of the Extraordinary Mind will provide you with concrete guidelines to begin challenging your beliefs and provide simple strategies to help you connect with your deeper self to find your purpose.

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7. The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

If you’re someone who has been actively seeking ways to live in the moment, then look no further. Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now is a guide towards spiritual enlightenment that teaches its readers how to release the ego, allowing you to become fully immersed in the present moment. This book will quickly change your outlook on life. As you read The Power of Now you will become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, ultimately realizing that YOU are more than just your thoughts. Get ready to embark on a journey towards finding yourself in the present moment.

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8. Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To - David Sinclair

Dr. Sinclair, a world renowned geneticist challenges the universal truth that aging is an inevitable process. In his Laboratory at Harvard University, Sinclair is discovering major breakthroughs can defy ageing as we know it. If you’re someone who is fascinated about what the future has in store for you or would like to incorporate strategies into your life that will help you live longer and healthier, then this book is for you.

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9. Outliers: The Story of Success - Malcolm Gladwell

In Malcolm Gladwell’s extraordinary book, Outliers, Gladwell investigates the qualities and characteristics of extremely successful members of society. The text provides an interesting perspective on success; highlighting the importance of the culture and upbringing of an outlier, rather than the traits they possess. Gladwell dives into the backstories of a variety of successful people and demonstrates that talent is only one of the few ingredients for success.

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I'd also like to thank all of our subscribers who have supported this blog in its early development phase. It's our promise to you that we will continue delivering high-quality content and expanding into new platforms in the new year. We have a lot of big ideas in the works, and we're excited to have a community of like-minded individuals supporting us as we climb higher together.

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